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When heroes look like us, it's easier for us to be like them.

In the end, "Maggie's Plan" is about learning to live and let live.

Star Wars, David Bowie, back hair — and sometimes baseball — all help to get fans into the seats.

The X-men have very little time for romance. Which can be a good thing, as these movie exes prove.

Spanning 300 years, “Small Stories” displays 11 dollhouses from the U.K. and one from the U.S.

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Plus Rock and Roll Hotel celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

18th-century Virginians glugged G.W.’s whiskey — and you can, too!

Are Segway tours only for tourists? I hit the road (ouch!) to find out.

See Second City, Hall and Oates, David Alan Grier and more people you've probably heard of.

Dr. Andrea advises one reader who feels neglected by a go-getter spouse and another who feels left behind by cousins who once were as close as siblings.

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