Go-go nearly vanished from the city that spawned it. Now the music’s artists and fans are fighting to keep it here.
Sculptures made by Ed Dwight, a prospective astronaut who became an artist, decorate the D.C. region.
The filmmaker wanted to tell her family story for years, but struggled for creative freedom until producers heard her recall the tale on NPR's "This American Life."
Comedy options about in the District this weekend.
The folksy rock band plays Merriweather's The Chrysalis on Tuesday.
When she's not working, the massage therapist plays drums in her D.C. cover band Diplomatic Immunity.
A pair of comedy shows also highlight this week's new events in the area.
Lady Dane will weave in stories about her life as she delivers songs, comedy and real talk to honor some of the cis- and transgender black women who’ve influenced her Tuesday at Studio Theatre.
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Plus, the "Cats" film is 100% going to break people's brains if the featurette is any indication.
Bruce M. Beehler, author of “Natural Encounters: Biking, Hiking, and Birding Through the Seasons,” recommends heading into the Appalachian Mountains to escape the heat and enjoy the season's beauty.
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