They build 'em big on this show.

Your offbeat options for moviegoing this weekend also include "Contemporary Experiments in Animation" at the National Gallery of Art.

Ten years after the company's initial production, the show gets new music and new staging — and you might wind up sitting right next to King Shahryar.

May's highlights include the D.C. Duck Race, a concert by The Revelers and the National Memorial Day Parade.

The hit-making heartthrob, on a break from his residency in Vegas, promises to get your adrenaline pumping with his current show.

The booty-shakin' festival is back, with more to do than ever. Here's a quick guide to all of the fun.

Netflix's "Dear White People" starts a Twitter trend

Dr. Andrea helps a reader who wonders what's behind her sister's latest risky move, and another reader who may have found a future husband but isn't sure it's time to say so.

Solange herself loved this adorable Kermit thread.

It’s better to be lucky than good, but the Redskins were a little of both.

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And, the Jimmy John's cashier that wasn't fazed by a gun to his head.

Losing someone to the unknown is a grief most of us will never know.

And, Beyonce makes a meme just by posting on Instagram.

The future of the Redskins' roster has to be viewed through the prism of Kirk Cousins' status.

It hinges on one dramatic stage trick.

Washington believes talent on the second and third lines can help it get over the hump against the Penguins.

At the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair, you can spend, spend, spend. (Or just look.)

Dogs are just too needy for studio life. Cats, on the other hand, are the perfect artists' companion.

"High Noon" and other films from and about the McCarthy era, the extended cut of "The Exorcist" and "Life, Animated" will shake you, scare you and give you hope. In that order.

Prince’s classic backing band is back on the road without its leader.

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