1. “Carry on.”
2. His use of language is precise and eloquent; he says exactly what he means and never uses more words than he needs. It’s a rarity, not just on reality television but everywhere else.
3. In the words of Season One (straight) contestant Robert, he’s “a hot bitch.”
4. His generosity toward designers from previous seasons, or those who have been dismissed by the judges. He has no ax to grind, a rarity not just on reality etc.
5. [Singing] Loving Tim Gunn, is easy ’cause he’s beautiful. Oo-oo oo-oo-ooo. Whoooooaaaa.
6. Gunn to Wendy Pepper, at right: “Don’t defend the shoe to me.”
7. He has really nice skin. No pores whatsoever. The man must exfoliate and mud-mask every day.
8. According to an interview in Entertainment Weekly, his last relationship ended in 1982 (!) and he’s been alone ever since, fearing further heartbreak. Musn’t … cry … on blog … sniff …
9. He’s a D.C. native!
10. Hot. Bitch.

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Photos courtesy Bravo