WANT TO RUN A MARATHON? No? We can’t imagine why. Perhaps you’d rather soak in a tub made bubbly by Lush’s Marathon Bar ($5, Lush, 3066 M St. NW; 202-333-6950). The foamer is a nice change from the store’s often too-sweet offerings. The scent is darker, with clove undertones, and won’t overwhelm you with odor. The bar didn’t quite dissolve all the way in our tub, leaving a lump that felt like wet sand, but it did turn the water a fun, bright orange without staining the inside of the bath. The piles of bubbles left skin nicely moisturized, so much so that we could shave without lotioning up afterwards.

» HE NAILED THE SWIMSUIT COMPETITION: New mascots are everywhere! First Liz Hurley and a horse shill for Jordache; now Paco has been named the new Old Navy “spokesdog.” Paco, who beat out five other finalists, is a shelter rescue owned by Olivia Wilde Ruspoli and Tao Ruspoli of Venice Beach, Calif. Paco will star in upcoming Old Navy advertising, replacing former spokesdog Magic. Paco is two years old and, according to oldnavy.com/magic, enjoys yoga. Which is amazing, considering most dogs can’t figure out where the grass goes when it’s dark outside.

Photos courtesy Lush, Old Navy