Dear Manolo:

I’m 5’11” and have always been told I’m too tall to wear heels. Now, at 40, I’m more confident. Could you please tell me how high is too high?

MANOLO SAYS, this question about the tall shoes for the tall girls is one that the Manolo must answer at the least once every six months, for no matter how many times the Manolo says it is OK to wear the heels, the tall girls still write to ask the permission.

In this case, the Manolo gives the same advice to all of the super fantastic girls — tall, short, thin, stout. Stop slumping, stand erect, throw back the shoulders and wear the heels. Nothing is more appealing than the good posture and the self-confidence.

If you are the tall girl in the heels, do not be afraid if many insecure men quail before your majestic Statue-of-Liberty-like beauty. Sooner or later you shall meet your heroic Colossus of Rhodes. Together, you shall make beautiful clanging bronze music.

How high the heel? The Manolo answers, how high the moon?

Here is the Pout from the Charles David ($219) in the patent leather with the three-and-a-half-inch heel.

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