GET READY FOR the greatest sentence ever written in English: “We are on the Mary-Kate and Ashley Web site for a battle of the bands. Please vote for us!!” The “we” being Fredericksburg indie-rockers Pash, who play D.C. on Sunday and who in no way resemble the bubblegum pop one would expect fans of the Olsen Twins to get giddy about.

So how did this cosmic improbability occur? Pash guitarist Erik Bruner-Yang credits Mer Munoz, his co-guitarist and vocalist. “Being an ’80s geek, she checks their Web site sometimes. They posted that they were having a battle of the bands. So, we made their top 10 list.” Now the twins (or their flunkies) are posting Pash tour dates, interviews and hype for the band’s forthcoming second album, “The Best Gun.” That means Pash could be the next Fall Out Boy or Hilary Duff. Hmm.

Bruner-Yang is supported by the rhythm section of Ryan McLaughlin and Jon Bibb. Then there’s the frontwoman who’s not afraid to bash out power chords. “Mer was a singer-songwriter at school. She liked That Dog and Elastica and female-fronted bands. But we both really liked The Dismemberment Plan and that’s how everything got going.”

So, the band enlisted producer Jason Caddell, formerly of the Plan, to help craft the new record. Caddell coached them to make their parts cohere instead of compete. The resulting songs will get a final polish on the road. “I’m the last one to finish college,” says Bruner-Yang. “I graduate on Saturday, and then the next day we go on tour.”

» Warehouse, 1017 7th St. NW; Sat. 9:30 p.m., 202-783-3933. (Mt. Vernon Square)

Written by Express contributor Bob Massey
Photo courtesy Meredith Munoz