Elisse, 26, is a project manager. Brandon, 30, is an IT contractor. They live in Alexandria.

» The Main Event: An outdoor ceremony followed by a reception in Bellaire, Mich., on Aug. 9.

» How They Met: Online. “I didn’t think I’d meet my future husband on the Internet!”

» First Impressions: “Wow, she’s hot!” “Brandon was kind of dorky, but he was really sweet.”

» First Date: They shared some laughs at the D.C. Improv. “I wasn’t sure if it went well. I was happy when he called.”

» How He Proposed: Brandon surprised Elisse with a visit to see her parents in Torch Lake, Mich. He convinced her to head to their dock at midnight, where he proposed under the stars. “Brandon didn’t know at the time, but he proposed a few hundred yards away from where my grandfather proposed to my grandmother.”

» Their Song: “‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by the Darkness,” says Brandon. “It’s wild and crazy.”

» Most Hated Clothing Item: “His [‘Zoolander’-inspired] ‘Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good’ T-shirt.”

» Wedding Jitters: Brandon says he’s concerned about “mothers freaking out.” For Elisse, it’s a little more specific: “I’ve been having crazy dreams that I show up with no shoes or veil, my hair is a mess and I have no makeup. It’s silly.”