Daryl, 27, is a teacher. Shanel, 28, is a technical writer. They will live in New Carrollton.

» The Main Event: A ceremony in Camp Springs, Md., followed by a formal reception on Aug. 9.

» Honeymoon: The Poconos.

» How They Met: At a Bible study.

» First Impressions: “He was the nice guy out of his rowdy bunch of friends.” “She was a cool female with a good head on her shoulders.”

» First Date: The movie “Akeelah and the Bee” followed by dinner at Uno Chicago Grill. “She was so sexy when I saw her get out of the car.”

» How He Proposed: When Shanel invited some pals for dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Largo, she had no clue she was in store for more than a good meal. When a waiter presented her with roses, she turned to find Daryl on one knee. “I went into shock and almost started hyperventilating,” she recalls. “Absolutely fabulous!”

» Most Hated Clothing Item: “His blue jeans that are way too big.” “Her black leather hat, only because I’ve been put in charge of keeping up with it.”

» Their Song: “The Time of My Life” from the film “Dirty Dancing.” “This song will be ringing in my heart after 60 years of marriage,” says Daryl.

» Pet Names: Shanel is “Tookie” and Daryl is “Pumpkin.”

» Wedding Jitters: For Shanel, it’s simple: “I’m afraid that I will pass out from the shock of it finally happening.”

» When He Knew: “I invited her to my family reunion only after really knowing her for about three months.”