‘TIS THE SEASON for holiday gift guides, and in the current economic climate value is the emphasis. For those of us with limited funds and a long list of people to shop for, even “Stocking Stuffers Under $15” can add up quickly.

Since everyone, no matter how destitute, deserves a few holiday surprises, Express did some searching on eBay for the cheapest available gift options. All of the following items were priced at one penny and offered free shipping.

By now, many of these auctions will be complete, and it’s possible that bidders will drive the prices up. It’s very easy to replicate our experiment, however. From the eBay advanced search, just select a category, enter “.01 to .01” as the price range, select the “Free shipping” option, and specify the number of bids as zero.

Feel free to share any entertaining finds in the comments section, or just enjoy your acquisitions.

» Lot in North Dakota
Is someone you know looking to start over? Alternatively, are you looking to encourage someone you know to start over, preferably in the most remote possible location? If so, at least one of you will be sure to appreciate the gift of this 25 by 140 foot residential lot in Lawton, N.D. After all, it’s only a 40 minute drive from North Dakota’s second largest lake!

» “Gently Used” Fertility Tester
Why not skip the prying inquiries about the imminence of grandchildren this holiday season and opt instead for the ultimate passive-aggressive gesture?

» Holiday Mini Frisbee
The only thing more festive than a frigid outdoor game of Frisbee in December is a warm, indoor, profoundly destructive game of Frisbee.

» “A Poem Written by Me”
Although the buyer cannot choose the theme or format, the item description makes clear that the subject matter, at least, will be relevant to nearly any recipient. “It may be about love or beer or hobos or whatever.”

» 12 Blues Harmonicas
These would make a terrific gift for a large family you have no plans to spend time around, or an excellent companion gift to the lot in North Dakota.

» Diaper Cake
Sure, this is intended to be used as a baby shower centerpiece, but it’s sure to be a conversation piece in any setting. Also, if the fertility tester alone seemed like too subtle a gesture, the Diaper Cake is sure to make your point.

» A Frozen Loaf of Wonder Bread
Nothing conveys indifference like a cheap gift purchased at a convenience store. Nothing conveys contempt like having an item you could have purchased at a convenience store shipped across the country for no particular reason. This particular loaf may also be inedible, since the official Wonder Bread Web site notes the following in its FAQ section, “Yes, you can freeze Wonder Bread. However, the packaging is not designed for freezing. We recommend putting your bread in a freezer bag first.”

» “High School Musical” Night Light
Infantilize your rebellious teen! Inflict your long-suffering spouse with even more horrific nightmares! The possibilities are endless.

» Nancy Reagan Paper Dolls
For a camp enthusiast, you really can’t go wrong. Heretics may also enjoy mixing and matching outfits with the Pope John Paul II paper doll set.

Written by Express contributor Meg Zamula