“I’M SHOCKED that Mocha Hut has closed. On a weekend, I usually had trouble getting a table if I went in after 10 a.m.”
Ustreetgirl.wordpress.com is saddened by the shuttering of the u street coffee shop, adding, “I’m always going to have a place in my heart for Mocha Hut’s breakfasts.”

» “THE SNUGGIE is my go-to fall-asleep item when I’m cold and lonely and need a cuddle. I keep it folded neatly [in] the blanket basket next to my bed.”
Lifeistheproperbinge.blogspot.com unabashedly asked her family for a Snuggie for Christmas but didn’t get one. She then bought one herself and is loving it.

» “FOR ME, the real harbinger of spring is the earthworm. When they all appear after a good rain, you know spring is on its way. [Tuesday] morning they were out in full force, slowly wriggling their way across [my] driveway.”
Looking2live.blogspot.com thinks the first real sign of warmer weather is finally upon us.

» “I, FOR ONE, see nothing wrong with Sen. Grassley‘s using this analogy, considering that AIG was one of the many kamikaze planes that sought to crash and burn the U.S. economy for lack of no other reason but greed.”
A commenter at Capitolhillblue.com was not appalled by the Iowa Senator’s call on AIG executives to “resign or go commit suicide.”

Photo by Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post