» “DCPS COULD BENEFIT from a surge in interest. Parents may not only ‘rediscover’ D.C. schools, but may also rediscover overlooked communities.”
Greatergreaterwashington.org hopes the recent economic downturn forces families to regain interest in the success of less highly regarded D.C. Schools and, in turn, neighborhoods.

» “THIS IS WHY MY PRESIDENT is the [man]. Of all my travels in the last 17 [years], nothing will ever beat going to Cuba.”
@Questlove, drummer for hip-hop band The Roots, reacts on his Twitter feed to news of President Obama‘s plan to loosen travel restrictions to the Caribbean nation for Cuban -americans.

» “INSTEAD OF PAYING the Somali pirates who’d taken a U.S. sea captain hostage the $2 million they asked for, the U.S. Navy chose a much cheaper solution: three bullets.
Theliffeyswell.blogspot.com added, “I guess crime really doesn’t pay.”

» “I WAS GONE ALL last week — so, apparently, some people felt the need to steal items from my desk. I have two boxes of Girl Scout cookies missing, some pens and my Kleenex. Seriously? Do I have to lock up everything?
Capitolhill20210.blogspot.com is unimpressed with her co-workers’ lack of maturity while she was gone.

» “WE’RE NOT QUITE sure what’s more impressive: the fact that he downed three bottles of vodka in one sitting or the fact that he survived the jump — twice.”
FamousDC.com was impressed by the story of a Russian man who tried to kill himself while drunk, claiming his wife’s nagging put him over the edge.