» “WE CAN’T TAKE IT anymore. All the good ones are dying, and yet Dane Cook still lives. First, Bea Arthur, now, this. RIP, Captain Chaos.
FamousDC.com was sad to hear comedian-actor Dom DeLuise had died and was a fan of his role in the 1981 movie “The Cannonball Run.” Above, Burt Reynolds and Deluise are shown in “Cannonball.”

» “FIFTY-ONE PERCENT of New Yorkers would rather have an emotionally bankrupt egomaniac in charge than you. Well done, sir. Well done.”
Girlofwords.com was stunned by a recent Marist poll in which a majority of N.Y. residents would prefer disgraced ex-governor Eliot Spitzer to current Gov. David Paterson.

» “ONE THING ABOUT conversing in a sex shop that remains awkward is when a customer tries to make small talk about everyday activities, such as reading a book.”
TheantiDC.blogspot.com still isn’t quite used to her new job.

» “CINCO DE MAYO is probably the most official unofficial holiday that ever was. Even in its country of origin, the fifth of May is not an obligatory federal holiday.”
plightofthepumpernickel.blogspot.com finds the Mexican holiday’s popularity strange, adding, “Let’s be honest: Americans will use any excuse to drink heavily.”

» “IT’S LONGER GOOD ENOUGH to just reuse something. To be really cool and trendy, you must upcycle something. I’ve been doing this for years and have been perfectly content to call it what it is: reuse.”
Someoneelsehaslmcwethy.blogspot.com isn’t impressed by the latest in so-called green terminology.

Photo courtesy Eurasia Investments LTD.