» “IF YOU ARE a passenger in a train and that train stops to let new people on, please be a peach and move closer to the center of the car.”
“I can assure you that nobody needs to tell me that blogging about the D.C. Metro system is passe and cliche,” writes heypretty.typepad.com. But this still needed to be said.

» “NO ONE IS is concerned about the health and well-being of the cycles other than the cyclist. The only ones who care whether I live through my commute would be me and the short list of those who love me.”
gwadzilla.blogspot.com thinks bikers shouldn’t be ticketed, because they’re just trying to keep themselves safe.

» “USING MY HANDY Swiss army knife, I quickly ripped out the seams. In just a few minutes, I had a new pair of shabby-chic summer khakis in the proper length.”
Offthecuffdc.blogspot.com didn’t want to go home from work and change after noticing his J. Crew pants were too short.

» “I WOULD HATE to have my moments of vulnerability in front of a crazy Baldwin brother and millions of viewers.”
Commenter yaffle on Jezebel.com feels for janice dickinson who, on
“i’m a celebrity get me out of here!,” had a meltdown and was told by stephen baldwin that she needed to find jesus.

» “IN L.A. ON the plane sitting in front of me Lindsey [sic] Lohan. Very sweet and, to me, touching. Wanted to hug her. Maternal instinct.”
@barbaraJWalters. The seasoned television host is less than erudite on twitter, it seems. (Assuming it’s actually her.)

Photo by Jacquelyn Martin/AP