»IT’S UPTON SINCLAIR and ‘The Jungle’ all over again, except that only 90 minutes of your attention are required.”
Theslowcook.com thinks everyone should see “Food, Inc.,” but adds, “Too bad most [people] won’t, simply because this is not the kind of movie that gets wide distribution.”

» “I PERSONALLY think that [Jim] Graham’s actions were brave and commendable. I also think it commendable that he hires diverse and possibly at-risk youths to intern in his office.”
While police don’t advise doing the same, Theheightslife.blogspot.com approves of the council member’s decision to drive his intern, who allegedly shot two people in Columbia Heights, to be booked.

» “I HAVE TO SAY … could anyone ever take them seriously again after this? I am a lover of animals, but are you guys out of your minds?”
Farmfreshmeat.com thinks PETA’s reaction — sending the White House a no-kill bug catcher — to President Obama’s killing of a fly on TV is whack, noting “Flies are routinely eaten alive by birds.”

and she is trying to find this cat a home. We call her Vomita because she has some kind of digestive problem where she pukes whenever she eats. … She is very sweet and loves to sit on laps. You can change her name.”
Runningwithbluesponge.com has a soft spot for felines with gross issues.

READING IS COOL. Most of you reading this are probably pretty down with reading … but I don’t know if I ever would have developed my intense love for reading if it weren’t for my dad.”
For Father’s Day, Positivelypresent.com lists 10 lessons she learned from her pop.

Photo courtesy Magnolia Pictures