» “CRONKITE WAS SO IDENTIFIED in that role [as anchorman] that, eventually, his own name became the term for the job in other languages.”
GrandHighOnline.com explains the cultural significance of legendary CBS newscaster Walter Cronkite, who died friday at age 92.

» “MARK SANFORD is now claiming that in the wake of his affair that God will change him. Do our side a favor, Gov. Sanford: Don’t go away mad. Just go away, please.”
TheUndergroundConservative.wordpress.com thinks the South Carolina Governor should resign from office to save himself, and republicans in general, from any more embarrassment.

» “CONGRATULATIONS, Stewart Cink, on your first major championship. Too bad no one cares. This was supposed to be history.”
Deadspin.com would have rather seen 59-year-old Tom Watson take the Claret Jug in the British Open.

» “I DECIDED TO START putting all loose change and bills into a jar. I am learning how to wait to buy things until I can afford them. Pay cash only. I will not use my debit card or credit card. I need to earn it.”
HeyLoveDC.tumblr.com is using an old-school money management technique these days.

» “DESPITE ALL the padding, restrictions, and advice we give our kids, they have a mind of their own, and sometimes free will is a [pain]. When they’re little, they don’t know any better.”
SuburbanFizz.com had a scare last week at the pool when one of her kids fell into the water with no lifeguards on duty.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images