» “THE HATOYAMAS should make for an interesting couple in chief: [Yukio’s] nicknamed ‘the Alien.’ And Miyuki said she’s been to outer space.”
HuffingtonPost.com thinks the new Japanese prime minister, right, and his wife are quite interesting. Miyuki Hatoyama claims that she knew actor Tom Cruise in a previous life.

» “NEXT TIME [MICHAEL] STEELE reserves the first two rows of seating for a large group of white Young Republican VIPs in a room full of predominantly black students, he might just want to go ahead and not do that.”
Wonkette.com was not impressed with the RNC chairman’s pr tactics at a recent Howard University speaking event.

» “THE VERY IDEA that a stranger could so easily assault a child for crying is absolutely horrific. I am positive that had this happened to one of my children, my response would have been swift and violent.”
Womanist-Musings.com is outraged that a man slapped a woman’s 2-year-old girl for crying in a Georgia Wal-Mart.

» “IF YOU NEEDED any other reasons to hate this franchise and, in particular, its management and ownership, The Washington Post has you covered. Wow. You stay classy, Dan Snyder.”
KStreetBlues.blogspot.com refers to Thursday’s story about a woman who was forced into bankruptcy by the Redskins after she defaulted on her ticket plan.

» “ARE TEACHERS SO UNTRUSTWORTHY? What do they think we’ll do if given access to the paper supply? Just run the halls throwing paper every which way, laughing and screaming like crazy people?”
UrbanSchoolNightmare.blogspot.com doesn’t understand why the school he teaches at is so stringent about its supplies policy.

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