I’M A RECENTLY DIVORCED woman of a certain age. After months of being alone, I’ve decided to start dating again. But first, I need a new pair of boots to give me some confidence. I’m short, so I definitely need heels. Help!
— Angie

Brea courtesy Zappos.comManolo says, as the Manolo discovered long ago, one of the easiest ways to boost one’s self-confidence is by wearing beautiful, well-made shoes. With the truly super-fantastic shoes, one is able to stand taller, walk straighter and project the image of confidence and vitality that are the key ingredients of the sexy appeal.

By the comparison, ugly and poorly made shoes bring the wearer down, causing one to lumpily schlump around like the water buffalo. Put on the pair of cheap plastic clogs, and you are saying to the world, “I love sweatpants and Doritos, and long romantic rides on my mobility scooter.” Hardly the message one wishes to convey to the wider world, much less the potential mate.

Look, here is the Brea from Joan & David, the fabulously sexy and confidence-building high-heeled boot ($379, Zappos.com)!

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Photo courtesy Zappos