Band: Hefner
Song: “Alan Bean”
Album: “Dead Media” (Too Pure)
Sounds Like: The last studio album by the obscure English indie-rock band Hefner was an all-aging-synths affair, with keyboards wheezing and drum machines battering as the boys kept their guitars and percussion in their cases. But 2001’s “Dead Media” is also the group’s best album for many reasons, not the least of which is because of the great “Alan Bean” single. Written from the perspective of Bean as he fell to Earth after being the fourth man to walk on the Moon, the song ends up being something of an inspirational anthem: “Ever felt like giving up? / I’ve felt like giving up / But not since 1969. / I found a greater truth / At a godly altitude / Won’t waste another day of my life.” And Bean didn’t: He retired from NASA in 1981 and became a full-time painter of the Moon. See our write-up of the exhibition “Alan Bean: Painting Apollo, First Artist on Another World” at the National Air and Space Museum.
D.C. Bound: Nope. The band broke up not long after “Dead Media” came out, but ever-prolific singer-songwriter Darren Hayman has been releasing solo records virtually nonstop since Hefner’s demise.
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