» “THE [NFL] WILL NEVER approve [Rush] Limbaugh as an owner. He would scare away some percentage of players and fans, and that’s bad for football.”
A commenter at Sports.RightPundits.com cannot imagine the conservative talk show host will be allowed to become a part-owner of the St. Louis Rams, due to his reputation.

» “TO MY EARS, it sounds like some second-rate MJ pastiche. Ever since the mid-’90s, MJ was only ripping himself off.”
Blog.Limewire.com finds the new Michael Jackson song “This Is It,” released almost four months after his death, disappointing, adding, “Unfortunately, the track is classic latter-day Jackson.”

» “I CAN SORT OF UNDERSTOOD the school’s problem with [the kid] having a knife, but how on Earth does that merit being sent to reform school?”
Qando.net can’t understand why a Newark, Del., 6-year-old was punished so harshly for bringing a Cub Scout eating utensil to school.

» “DEAR BOSTON RED SOX: now that you’ve been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by a team that can’t decide which city it’s in, can your fans maybe stop being such [jerks]?”
JordanBaker.blogspot.com hopes that Red Sox fans will be silenced after the team was swept out of the Major League Baseball playoffs by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

» “I JUST CAN’T GET OVER working on a federal holiday when you work for a federal contractor in a federal building. I feel like it’s pretty obvious that if your office building is closed, you shouldn’t have to report to work.”
TalentedUnemployedJD.blogspot.com was extremely unhappy about being forced to work on Columbus Day.

Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images