I LIVE IN Boston, which has had snow already this year. I need boots that can withstand slushy streets and salty sidewalks. I have rejected all Ugg-liness, but my feet have been cold, since every pair of boots I find seems made for the abominable snow monster. I need something walkable for less than $200.

MANOLO SAYS, for much of the country, winter has arrived far too early this year, pushing us out of our fantastically trendy but thin-sided boots into footwear fit for an Ernest Shackleton expedition. And while such footwear may insure that your toes do not turn black and fall off while you are waiting for the bus, they also insure that the young men who are waiting for the bus with you will refer to you as “Dude,” as in, “Dude, whatcha say we get a brewski, watch the Celtics game and chase some ladies?”

But fear not, for sexy feminine snow boots can come from the most unlikely source, such as Timberland! Here is the Timberland Urban 14″ Round Heel boot ($113.37, Zappos.com).

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Photo courtesy Zappos