» “TAKE A PAIR of black trousers, hike them up in the waist. Add a pair of white socks and black loafers, and you’re practically moonwalk-ready.”
DistrictCut.com suggests a Michael Jackson costume for Halloween for anyone struggling with ideas for the holiday this weekend.

» “THANK GOD Adam Lambert has a sense of humor about the artwork for his album. That picture is straight Duran Duran meets Liberace, and it scared me a little bit.”
PopOnThePop.com was glad to find out that the former “American Idol” contestand was intentionally going over-the-top for the cover of his new album, “For Your Entertainment.”

» “THE ONLY LESSON from this is that everyone can make poor financial decisions, and there’s no such thing as having enough money that you no longer have to worry about how it’s been spent.”
DinksFinance.com reacts to the story of former NBA player Antoine Walker, who is reportedly broke after earning nearly $110 million during his career.

» “TAKING THE BUS in D.C. often requires quite a lot of patience. Some buses stop at every corner, seeming to take an eternity to go only a few blocks. Removing some stops could improve travel times without negatively impacting ridership.”
GreaterGreaterWashington.org thinks WMATA should take a serious look at a new bus stop spacing plan.

» “SCORE ONE FOR BRITAIN in its contest with the United States to create the stupidest fear-based society.”
BoingBoing.net is befuddled by a new law in the English borough of Watford that bans parents from supervising their own children at playgrounds because they have not undergone criminal record checks.

Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images