» “ONE DAY HE’LL LEARN that the version of Obama he was working for — like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny — can only exist in the mind of a child.”
therobalution.com thinks then-9-year-old Lorenzo Rivera — featured in the HBO documentary “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama” — is “just cute as the dickens.”

» “EARLIER TODAY I WAS SAD to hear that Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller had turned down an offer to host the Oscars together, but the show landed an equally hilarious duo.”
BuzzSugar.com was glad to hear that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be teaming up to take over hosting from Hugh Jackman for the 2010 ceremony.

» “GUILTY CONFESSION: My favorite part of [Tuesday’s] election coverage was watching Rachel Maddow‘s demeanor go from exuberant, to smug, to infuriated over the results of the marriage referendum in Maine.”
Corner.NationalReview.com took pleasure in the MSNBC host’s reaction to Maine voters’ rejection of a gay marriage law.

» “JIM NANTZ will be shelling out almost a million dollars a year in alimony for the rest of his life or until his ex remarries. Like I said: the rest of his life.”
Withleather.uproxx.com was blown away by the divorce settlement of the CBS sports broadcaster.

» “I’VE MET PEOPLE who claim that ‘Sesame Street’ is a cause for ADD, but that was well worth it for the heaps of knowledge this educational Muppet show imparted so many years ago [to me].”
Michelle Collins of BestWeekEver.tv was happy to celebrate the 40th birthday of the television show on Wednesday.

Image courtesy YouTube