YESTERDAY I POSTED a massive catalog of songs and albums from 2009 on the Sound Bets blog, but I don’t have faith in best-of lists. I based my collection on what I could remember enjoying, not because I thought I was answering the Mongol General‘s question in “Conan the Barbarian“: “What is best in life?”

No clue.

Best-of lists are more like social experiments exploring self-fulfilling prophecies rather than being real standard bearers because nobody can account for taste. But if you’re the nut who gets angry about best-of lists, you’re missing the point: in addition to being fun, they simply provide a momentary sense of order before the next avalanche of jams comes tumbling down. Besides, with virtually all music available via a few mouse clicks, developing anything definitive is moot; there’s simply too much to consider.

Over the next year, the 2009 album you truly love most will routinely float to the top of your playlist, and the other 39 you felt compelled to put on your best-of list will be filed in the dustbin of history. But the brief pleasures those soon-to-be-forgotten songs gave you in 2009 are forever, even if you never listen to them again.

» Here are 14 concerts I remember from 2009 (scroll down). I apparently really enjoyed the live metal this year. My fellow Express folks also picked some of their favorite albums and songs. My massive list of musical remembrances is here.
» Along with my colleagues, I also picked the films, TV shows & books that I remembered (aka these are pretty much the only new films, TV shows & books I watched or read; too busy reading science blogs and catching up on old wrestling biographies, plus WWF/WWE/gory independent rasslin’ videos on YouTube).

Primary image courtesy Dino De Laurentiis Company