» “WHY DOES Jay Leno feel compelled to tell jokes at 11:30 p.m., a mighty put-down to his ‘Tonight Show’ successor, Conan O’Brien? Can’t the 60-year-old Leno just go away? It’s over, Jay. You’ve had a nice run.”
ODwyerPR.com thinks the late-night comedian should simply call his TV career quits.

» “SHE’S TELEGENIC, but she’s also a dimwit. If she has everything written out for her in advance, she’ll be fine. If she actually has to think for herself, it should make for some good theater.”
AmericaBlog.com is looking forward to Sarah Palin‘s appearances on Fox News.

» “BIG FREAKING DEAL. Hey, Mark, why don’t you go sit down over there, next to Pete Rose, as guys who confessed way too late, asked for forgiveness far too late, and who will never be elected into the Hall of Fame.”
Inquisitr.com has no sympathy for former Major League Baseball player Mark McGwire, who confessed to steroid use during his career.

» “JUST WHEN I THOUGHT it was safe to believe I wouldn’t have to listen to Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell banter … again over talented folks taking a shot of fame, I hear there’s a chance they will work together again.”
PopOnThePop.com reacts to news that the former and current “American Idol” judges might join forces for “The X-Factor.”

Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images