LIKE DONALD TRUMP, Kate Gosselin has always seemed utterly unfazed by the endless criticism of her horrible hairstyle choices. Her signature “reverse mullet” has spawned “SNL” skits, Halloween costumes and tons of fodder for “The Soup,” and yet we begrudgingly have to give her credit for sporting the spiky ‘do with pride. (Also for not taking up with trashy 20-somethings and cavorting around in gaudy Ed Hardy ensembles. Cough, Jon, cough.)

Until now, that is. In this week’s issue of People, the newly single Ms. Gosselin shows off $7,000 worth of long, blond hair extensions that look like they’re straight from the Pop Starlet Imitation Hair Collection. But the flowing faux tresses are hardly an improvement — overnight (or, technically, over about 20 hours), she’s gone from looking like the missing member of A Flock of Seagulls to resembling an aging stripper. (Clearly, Kate’s hairstyle decisions are about as sound as her lifestyle ones.) For her next publicity stunt, we’d like to suggest she try a sleek, shoulder-length and (gasp!) age-appropriate cut — and leave the gravity-defying crops and fake hairpieces to the “Jersey Shore” cast.

Photo by Dr. Billy Ingram/Getty Images