» “FOR THOSE OF YOU who decided to watch the snoozefest that was the Duke-Georgetown affair, the one positive was that you got to see United States President Barack Obama work his play-by-play pipes.”
OutsideTheBoxScore.blogspot.com was happy to hear the president on television during the college basketball game, which the Hoyas won 89-77.

» “ALL KIDDING ASIDE, it’s great to see Rush Limbaugh getting lose and enjoying life. No word on Lady Gaga‘s opinion of Limbaugh’s dancing.”
Zennie2005.blogspot.com was happy to see the conservative talk radio host dancing at Saturday’s Miss America pageant, for which he was a judge.

» “WHILE STEVE JOBS has been focused on his new iPad, Microsoft [co-]founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, have been busy saving the world.”
TwirlIt.com was encouraged by news that the Gates Foundation will donate $10 billion for the development of vaccines.

» “I’M THINKING THAT your upcoming Super Bowl ad lauding the courage of Pam Tebow in refusing to have an abortion and eventually giving birth to one Tim Tebow would have more impact if he didn’t currently suck so much.”
CanadianCynic.blogspot.com was not impressed with the Florida Heisman Trophy winner’s play at quarterback during the Senior Bowl Saturday night.

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images