I LOVE WATCHING TV when it snows. Not my regular shows, but local news, with earnest reporters in the wintry mix. They brought Snowbliteration 2010 to us in a way that neither the newspaper, radio nor Internet can: an endless live feed of whiteout scariness and wonderfulness.

Technology, shmechnology — they judge accumulation with a stick. They report while driving on treacherous roads. They act in loco parentis, stating the obvious in the hokiest of ways (“It’s not a good idea to venture out today”). They do good, calling for drivers to help ferry staff to hospitals. They shamelessly self-promote, brushing snow off Doug Hill‘s face on a Channel 7 van, then kissing the newly snow-free mug (good thing the reporter’s tongue didn’t freeze on the van). And they warm our hearts by introducing us to nice people we might otherwise never meet, like the man with a missing front tooth who helped unstick a stuck truck delivering critical supplies to a Dupont Circle Starbucks. “Hope I get a free coffee,” he says, grinning into the camera. There’s something very “Ozzie and Harriet” about it all, and that’s what I love most about Snow TV.

Written by Express contributor Marc Silver

Photo courtesy WRC-TV