» “BEARDS ARE BACK IN NASCAR. It’s a beautiful sight. It used to be said that the excuse for no beards was they were too hot in those 180-degree cars. Not to the start of this season. It’s 65 degrees in Florida! So, drivers are keeping warm with facial hair.”
NascarMix.com was happy to see drivers such as Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart wearing beards at the Daytona 500.

» “IF MSNBC CARED about their ratings, Rachel Maddow would be hosting ‘Meet the Press.'”
VideoCafe.CrooksAndLiars.com was impressed to see the talk show pundit take Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., to task on Sunday’s show for various inconsistencies in his talking points.

» “I FEEL KIND OF BAD for Joe the Plumber. He was so earnest (ignorant and bigoted, but earnest) and didn’t realize he was being used in a political game. I hope [he] has wisely invested any money that he has earned. But that is doubtful.”
OCHairBall.blogspot.com finds it a bit sad that Sam Wurzelbacher is endorsing Sam Roher for governor of Pennsylvania and speaking out against former GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

» “HARD TO BELIEVE that a country like Canada, a country that for the most part spends a good five months of the year covered in a blanket of snow, [had] not won an Olympic gold medal on home soil [until Sunday].”
Beat.BodogLife.com was surprised to learn that men’s moguls skier Alexandre Bilodeau was the first Canadian to win gold in Canada.

Jason Smith/Getty Images