» “LET’S ALL HOPE that EMI finds a buyer willing to invest in the long-term success of one of the most sacred spots in the history of recorded music.”
ChristopherAve.wordpress.com hopes that the record company can maintain the integrity of the famous Abbey Road studios, immortalized by the 1969 Beatles album of the same name.

» “IT WAS RIDICULOUS from the start, but admit it: Your inner optimist couldn’t help but hope that the brief Berlin power summit between Martin Scorsese and Lars von Trier had, in fact, yielded a pact to remake Scorsese’s 1976 classic, ‘Taxi Driver.'”
MovieLine.com reacts to news about a potential reboot of the film starring Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle.

» “FUNNY, ISN’T IT, when you grow up with a tradition and then almost 30 years later you realize that not everyone even knows what it is? That’s what happened to me [Tuesday] morning with Pancake Day.”
NoFearEntertaining.blogspot.com was stunned to find out that Shrove Tuesday is not as popular as she thought it was.

» “THE ROMNEY HAVE MORE MONEY than God and choose to fly in the economy section. Nancy Pelosi has more money than God and chooses to fly high on the hog at the expense of taxpayers.”
LonelyConservative.com is glad to see the former Governor of Massachusetts was not hurt after a passenger attacked him aboard an Air Canada flight Monday.

Photo courtesy Anthony Harvey/Getty Images