» “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE little Mirai Nagasu. Look, she’s even adorable with a bloody nose. But, unfortunately, the blood started flowing about a third of the way through her short program, and it threw her.”
DauneRobinson.com thinks the U.S. figure skater caught a tough break during the ladies’ short program Tuesday at the Olympics.

» “I AM NOT HAPPY because Bob may be leaving WRC. I am happy because for the first time in a few years someone on the air in local news has some leverage in contract negotiations.”
GeoffFox.com, a TV weatherman in Connecticut, is happy to hear that the longtime weatherman Bob Ryan will reportedly make a move to WJLA next week.

» “YOU CAN CHOKE ON literally anything you can fit into your mouth, whether solid or mush or liquid. But when one product dominates the top of the choking-hazard list, it’s hard not to think that manufacturers of that product should pay attention.”
BusinessEthics.ca/blog understands why the American Academy of Pediatrics wants companies to start labeling hot dogs, carrots, grapes and other foods as dangerous.

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images