“YOGA MELTDOWN” ($14.98) — featuring “Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels — and “The No OM Zone” ($14.95) — taught by Kimberly Fowler, who owns California’s YAS Fitness Centers — offer a similar take on yoga: It’s awesome for you, but you don’t need to chant or use flowery language to see results.

» Breakdown: The two half-hour workouts on “Yoga Meltdown” are designed to give you the benefits of a body sculpting class, combining cardio with power poses that try all of your muscles. (Expect a whole lot of “rep it out.”) “The No OM Zone” is split into three 15-minute, feel-good segments that target the upper body, lower body and core. Some moves are challenging, but don’t expect to sweat.

» Audience: Michaels’ fans might be surprised to see her so … not mean. It’s a change that may help her also appeal to more experienced yogis looking for an extra calorie burn. Fowler’s straight-talking, welcoming style is ideal for newbies who are short on time.