EVER SINCE THE Situation, JWoWW and the ridiculously coiffed “Jersey Shore” crew gave a final fist bump in January, I thought nothing could fill the trashy TV void in my life.

I was wrong. Enter the CW‘s “High Society” (Wed., 9:30 p.m.), which debuted last week with a flurry of fancy fashions and behavior so outrageous it would make Snooki blush. The escapades of New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer, left, and a cast of obnoxious characters — trouble-making heir PJC; a legion of unfailingly rude, perfectly dyed blondes — give a rare glimpse into the lives of the rich and wannabe-famous.

Ultimately, it’s not the heavy partying and catty gossiping that makes the show so watchable. What’s fascinating is the glimpse into how the other half dresses: the closets full of designer duds, the consistently perfect coifs, the insanely high heels. When bow tie-clad PJC gets a $25,000 advance from his trust fund, he immediately calls up several designers and demands they send over all their latest pieces. Subsequently, he throws a drink in a woman’s face at a party. Which brings us to a new reality idea. Who would win in a fight: JPC or Sammi? Now that we’d TiVo.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Samsung