WE HAVE EGGS on the brain, thanks to this weekend’s Easter holiday. (Huge chocolate rabbits also hop through our mind lately, thanks to a certain basket-wielding bunny.) But whether you prefer yours dyed, decorated and carefully hidden — or just adorning the top of an overladen brunch plate — there are plenty of ways to cook a better egg. Try these kitchen gadgets to hard-boil, poach, scramble and serve your next dozen. As for resisting the chocolate version? Sorry — you’re on your own.

1) Try this spiffy separator by Rosti to divvy up whites and yolks ($4.50).

2) Add this egg timer to the pot to know when eggs have cooked to soft, medium or hard ($5).

3) Vessel’s Eiko oeuf boilers hang on the pot’s edge for mess-free cooking —plus they double as holders ($13 for four).

4) Fusion Brands’ poach pods float atop boiling water for easy eggs Benedict ($10 for two).

5) Alessi’s goldfish egg cup blends fine china with cheeky charm ($30).

6) Progressive’s state-of-the-art slicer cuts, dices and wedges ($15).

7) Zak! Designs’ Shake Me egg shaker separates and beats, no whisk required ($19).