» “GIVEN HIS FADING CAREER, LL [Cool J] was the one who needed the publicity. [Sarah] Palin will do just fine without him.”
Rightklik.net doesn’t think the former Alaska Governor’s new TV show, ”Real American Stories,” will suffer after cutting a segment featuring the rapper. LL Cool J said that FOX News was misrepresenting his appearance on the show.

» “BEN’S CHILI BOWL DURING THE DAY is a faux pas? New York Times, you are wrong.”
AmyCavanaugh.com tweets after reading a story in the paper about French president Nicolas Sarkozy‘s visit to the U Street eatery Tuesday. The Times said Sarkozy was guilty of “repeating a similar faux pas made by President Obama a year ago.”

» “WE THOUGHT THAT the Kindle as textbook replacement idea was a little whackadoodle, and we don’t have much hope in the iPad as a textbook replacement either.”
Engadget.com thinks Seton Hill University‘s new initiative to provide iPads to all incoming freshmen this fall will backfire because the iPads will distract students in class.

» “WHEW! I WAS WORRIED Metro would go a whole month without another train operator fail! Just in the knick of time.”
A commenter at WashingtonPost.com was amused to hear that a 14-car train pulled into the New Carrollton Metro station Monday morning. The train was taken out of service after riders alerted the operator about the extra cars.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images