» “SCRABBLE NEEDS RIGID BOUNDARIES, … a printed catalogue of permissible words. Once those boundaries are removed, the game loses its point.”
Aljahom.wordpress.com — a self-proclaimed “bit of a Scrabble buff” but not a “purist” — isn’t too keen on the rule changes announced by game maker Mattel this week.

» “FOR THOSE OF YOU unfamiliar with halfway houses, they’re like alcohol-free college dorms from the ’80’s — no Internet, bunk beds, 19-inch TVs without cable. And, folks, that ain’t fun.”
YardBarker.com does not envy Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, who’ll be staying in a Montgomery County halfway house for a month as part of his sentencing for a gun felony.

» “WOULD HE BE A TEENAGER enjoying the freedoms of Western culture? Would he be preparing to apply to colleges in a year or two? Instead, he’s indoctrinated with Marxist ideology and enlisted in the army of one of history’s great dictators. Well done, Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.”
NewsRealBlog.com reminisces about the 2000 custody battle for Elian Gonzalez after Cuba released pictures of the boy, who is now 16.

» “THERE IS NO CHARGE YET for carrying on a cane or coat, or if you’re wearing clothes when boarding.”
WickedGayBlog.blogspot.com is stunned by the aggressive surcharge tactics of Spirit Airlines, which recently announced a new policy charging up to $45 for a carry-on bag that doesn’t fit under the seat in front of you.

Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images