AS BOYISHLY CUTE choral director Will Schuester on Fox‘s hit show “Glee,” Matthew Morrison has sung, danced and even beat-boxed his way into America’s hearts — and iPods. The former Broadway star — along with the ensemble cast of ballad-belting high school misfits — returns for the second half of the show’s season Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.

» EXPRESS: When we last saw Mr. Schuester, he’d dumped his wife and finally connected with Miss Pillsbury. Is this the end of all his drama?
» MORRISON: The drama is never over. We’re going to be exploring a whole new side of Mr. Schuester in these upcoming episodes. After all, he married his high school sweetheart, so this is the first time he’s been single in 15 years. He’ll be making some very bad choices.

» EXPRESS: What other highlights can we expect this season?
» MORRISON: I do a couple big musical numbers with Neil Patrick Harris, who plays an old high school nemesis of mine. Now he’s a member of the school board, and, like everyone else, he wants to get rid of glee club. So, we’re going to battle it out.

» EXPRESS: You’re a former Broadway actor. Was it tough to switch to TV?
» MORRISON: Broadway is romantical. You go on a journey every night. There’s no cutting, there’s no stopping, there’s not a big crew. It’s a really fulfilling way to tell a story. TV is so different, but the end result is so much cooler, because they can take the best of what you do and edit it in a way that’s so incredible.

» EXPRESS: On the show, you’ve performed everything from Broadway to ballads. Any favorites?
» MORRISON: I’ve never rapped before in my life, but I really enjoyed doing “Gold Digger.” I grew up break dancing, so I’m pretty familiar with hip-hop and rap. It was fun to just go for it.

» EXPRESS: Anything you hate to sing?
» MORRISON: There is something coming up that I was “eh” about. You might be able to guess if I tell you the artist, who is Vanilla Ice. It’s done well, but I just can’t stand the song.

» EXPRESS: You were in the boy band LMNT. Are you ever going to live it down?
» MORRISON: I didn’t really enjoy that year of my life. But, honestly, I’m doing my own album now and I really feel comfortable in the recording studio, which I think has a lot to do with all the hours I put in there with the band.

» EXPRESS: Your own album! How cool. What can we expect?
» MORRISON: I’m inspired by Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and that whole thing. So, it’s going to be me and an orchestra, but not going to be like Michael Buble. It’s a big orchestra sound, but also with beats infused into it, so I can shake my moneymaker a little bit. We’re looking to release it in November or December.

» EXPRESS: Do you ever have to pinch yourself?
» MORRISON: This week, I’m on the cover of Rolling Stone. We [went] to “Oprah” and [sang] for the Obamas at the Easter Egg Roll. It’s just been an insane year.

Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images