1) Easier To Bare
The balmy air means we can (finally!) swap our thick tights for bare legs, even if it means broadening our beauty routine. (Why, hello, Gillette Venus. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you.) To keep our gams moisturized, we’ve been reaching for the new lotion line from Victoria’s Secret, which blends a nourishing cream with flirty, floral scents, such as beachy coconut, or peach and freesia ($10, Victoria’s Secret stores). The pastiness factor? Well, we’re still working on that.

2) The Drain Line
Even after living in D.C. for years, it’s easy to forget whether Fort Totten‘s on the Red Line or whether the Blue Line‘s the fastest way to Pentagon City. But Izola‘s PVC shower curtain ($29, RCKNDY, 1515 U St. NW; 202-332-5639) lets you study up on routes in the warm, steamy comfort of your shower, as opposed to the warm, steamy discomfort of a rush-hour train. Crowded public transportation making you want to leave town? Snag a similar shower screen with a map of Europe or the state of California at Izolashower.com.

3) Paper Case
We realize lining our kitchen drawers/bathroom cabinets/hamster’s cage with attractive paper won’t impress anyone, except the three followers of our blog, Moreorganizedthanyou.wordpress.com. But a new e-tailer, Chicshelfpaper.com, understands our project-loving, craft-doing, anal little soul, evidenced by its stock of 250 patterns of both normal paper and sticky-yet-sweet contact paper. Styles (priced from $2 and up per square foot) range from Art Nouveau swirls to an industrial-cool chain-link print. You can even give staffers the measurements of your project, and they’ll custom-cut material for you.

4) Ruffian and Ready
Mega-stores such as Macy’s aren’t the usual stomping (or shopping) ground for the hipster set — until now. The department store has just rolled out a new men’s line of downplayed casual wear called Threads & Heirs and commissioned New York design darling Ruffian for a spring capsule collection. Look for slim-cut shirts, slouchy utility jackets and slub-knit striped polos ($50, select Macy’s stores) that would be perfectly at home at a Brooklyn dive bar — or an H Street one.

5) Frappe Star
We know it’s spring when we trade our daily latte for a frosty Frappuccino. But while the icy blend of coffee, milk and sweet, sweet caffeine cools us off on sweaty mornings, at $5 a pop, we can’t help but think that cash could be put toward something more substantial (like, um, shoes). Enter Mr. Coffee’s Cafe Frappe maker ($80), which whips up barista-worthy concoctions at home, saving major bucks for the sandal fund.

Written by Express’ Jennifer Barger and Betsy Lowther