» “IF YOU ATTEMPT TO CONSUME THIS THING and use a touch-screen device — be it phone, tablet, e-book reader or other — be prepared to render touch-screen device rank and unusable.”
Gizmodo.com does not suggest that you eat one of KFC‘s new Double Down sandwiches before handling, for example, an iPad.

» “FIRST IT WAS Zac Efron, then director Kenny Ortega, and now Chace Crawford has dropped out the remake of ‘Footloose.’ … The idea of remaking this ’80s classic seems disastrous, considering it has a pretty dated story and no star willing to commit.”
Blog.MuchMusic.com thinks the project to reboot the 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon may be finished.

» “INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, there’s no mention of any problems with the nearly identical Toyota 4Runner. Is it possible that all of the luxury goodies you’ll find aboard the Lexus add enough pounds to overwhelm the vehicle’s stability control?”
Wiyule.com wonders why the 2010 Lexus GX460 is the only car deemed a “safety risk” by Consumer Reports this year.

» “IF I START TO SEE ADS for all kinds of junk with no apparent relevance to my Twitter use, then I will be aggravated. Will it mean that I leave Twitter? Not likely. My hope is that they can do a better job than Facebook does and at least offer some variety of ads.”
MarketingPilgrim.com is still undecided on how he feels about Twitter’s new attempt at monetizing its product.

Image courtesy KFC