D.C. HAS LONG been lambasted for its lack of fashion sense. (Example: I’m still getting irate mail about a column I wrote weeks ago suggesting women stop pairing pantyhose with summer sandals. Ladies! If you insist that you need the hose, then just wear it. But don’t be surprised when people quietly snicker at your questionable style sense.)

But you know who’s worse than Washingtonians when it comes to matters of attire? Washington’s tourists. Now that our city is overrun with the map-wielding, backpack-toting, stroller-pushing masses, it’s clear there are communities in America that dress much, much worse than we do.

Here’s what I spotted during a brief sojourn to the National Mall recently: a sports team ensemble that included a logo-emblazoned hat, shirt, shorts and socks. Mullets. Fanny packs galore. White tube socks. Light-washed denim from head to toe. Foam visors. A T-shirt suggesting the wearer “Just Did It” (classy!). Scrunchies.

It’s obvious D.C. is no longer at the bottom of the fashion barrel. (That distinction now belongs, based on an informal survey, to Florida.) Now, if we could just get you pantyhose lovers to stick to closed-toe shoes.

Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images