1) Sculpture Classics
Science, industry and girly curves fascinate Chicago designer Abigail Glaum-Lathbury. This results in crinolated dresses, skirts with waterfall pleats and neo-Victorian jackets ($385). The up-and-coming talent, whose clothes are stocked at Proper Topper, hosts a trunk show at the shop’s Georgetown branch (3213 P St. NW; 202-333-6200) Fri., 5-8 p.m., and Sat., 2-5 p.m. Meet her and event co-host Jennifer Barger (editor of Express‘ Styles section) while checking out spring styles and getting a fall preview.

2) Scoop House
Mister whiskers would prefer a circa-1944 Eames litter box. But since that only exists in his bizarre, mid-century modern catnaps, you’ll have to dress up his private space differently. Kattysaks ($40 each), a new line of feline bathroom covers, come in space-enhancing styles approximating a Baroque chest (shown), a tiki hut and a beach bus. They look hip, but will they stop the furball’s incessant meowing when you haven’t scooped and raked? Doubtful.

3) The New Deal Out
Admittedly, most of the card-playing we do these days is blackjack on the BlackBerry or solitaire on our, um, office computer. But the 125th anniversary limited edition line from Bicycle ($5) made us reach for the pack again. Throwback designs steal their graphic, vintage look from early editions produced by the company, founded in 1885. We’ll display them as an artsy conversation piece — or use them as backup when the Mac’s on the fritz.

4) Men’s Groom
At first encounter, the new men’s skin care line Hey Dude induced a gallop down memory lane to the Nickeleodeon show of the same name. (Cheesy ’80s TV, we miss you.) But we doled out the slick metal tubes of aftershave, face wash and moisturizer ($18 and up) to guy colleagues, who reported back with positive results. All gave the potions the thumbs-up for more subtle-than-Axe scents and rich-but-not-greasy formulas.

5) This Bun For Fire
Baby burgers sizzle in a U.N.‘s worth of varieties: veggie, foie gras-topped, Kobe. Still, the best way to cook up the mini sandwiches might be all-American style, which makes grill-meister Steven Raichlen‘s new Slider Spice ($5 a packet, Sur La Table stores) a barbecuer’s BFF. Basic seasonings like garlic and onions merge with more exotic flavors — chipotle, tamarind — for a heady-yet-crowd-pleasing taste when you mix the stuff into ground beef, ostrich or whatever.

Written by Express’ Jennifer Barger and Betsy Lowther