I’M A MAJOR Gleek — to the severely out-of-touch, that’s what we super-fans of Fox’sGlee” call ourselves. The songs! The dances! The hilarious banter between Sue Sylvester, above, and Mr. Schuester about his hair! Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

Behind the flashy vocals, though, is a sorely underappreciated element of the show: the painstakingly crafted visuals. The spot-on costumes — Sue’s rainbow of track suits, Miss Pillsbury’s perfect retro-chic ensembles, Rachel’s “home-school”-esque ensembles — don’t get nearly enough play when it comes to praising “Glee.”

Nowhere was this more obvious than in yesterday’s Madonna-rific installment. The best part wasn’t the mash-up of “Borderline” and “Open Your Heart,” or the Cheerios’ stilt spectacular set to “Ray of Light” — though both were pretty awesome. It was the way students decked out as Madonna during her various phases flitted past in the background of the hallway scenes. A tiny touch, and one unnecessary to the plotline, but that attention to detail — perhaps even more than the soaring ballads and the wicked banter — is precisely what makes “Glee” so great.

Photo courtesy FOX