» “THERE’S NO POSSIBLE WAY you can be from the East Coast and raised on hip-hop in the ’80s and ’90s and don’t know the words of the legend known as Guru.”
LimiteMagazine.com laments the loss of Keith Elam — stage name “Guru” — of the rap group Gang Starr. Elam died Monday at 43 after a battle with cancer.

» “MAYBE [STEPHEN] COLBERT will run in that election and have the last laugh. That’s why he has freed himself up for January 2013.”
A commenter at MediaDecoder.blogs.nytimes.com reacts to news the Colbert and Jon Stewart have re-signed with Comedy Central through the next presidential election, in 2012.

» “WHETHER IT IS FOR REAL, or some kind of promotional stunt on Apple‘s behalf, with the story so far retweeted 28,938 times, Gizmodo won’t be complaining either way.”
MobileMarketingMagazine.co.uk thinks Gizmodo.com got a lot of free publicity when an unreleased version of the new iPhone was left in a bar and the finder gave the tech blog exclusive pictures of the device.

Image courtesy EMI