FORGIVE ME IF my mascara gets a little smeary, but today marks my last column. Over the past five months, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve judged — the Salahis, those uber-tanJersey Shore” kids, women who wear pantyhose with sandals. Other than the hate mail I got after criticizing J.Lo’s bunchy, nude New Year’s ensemble, it’s been a fun ride.

Now that I’m giving up my public platform to air my fashion grievances, I thought it was time for one last push against this city’s faux pas. I’m hoping we can all work to rid D.C. of these lingering style offenses:

» Puffy button-downs: Dear men, you don’t need to be skinny to wear a slim-cut shirt. In fact, lose the blousy Oxford and you’ll look 20 pounds thinner.
» Oversized suits: It’s baffling that so many people buy too-big sizes that make them look like shapeless blobs.
» Khakis: Who decided that we all needed 11 pairs of pants in this bland, beige-y cotton? (Oh, right: the Gap.) But why do we all seem to agree?
» Twinsets: Wear the top or wear the cardigan, just not together.
» Square-toed shoes: It is no longer 1985. Time to move on.
» My last bit of advice? Wear things you love. That looks good on everyone.