» “IF THEIR INTENT WAS TO DISPROVE [Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi’s] theory, then ‘Boobquake‘ was a flop, because on Monday Taiwan experienced a 6.5 earthquake.”
L7world.com found it rather amusing that the Iranian cleric’s theory that natural disasters are caused by unchaste women was unscientifically proven during an event to disprove the theory.

» “LIKE GRITS, SUNDRESSES and college football, Waffle House is something that can help bridge the divide behind South and North.”
Cycross.jp/test was happy to hear that former Redskins player Fred Smoot still plans to build one of the restaurants in D.C., despite leaving the football team.

» “YOU CAN’T TELL ME that it would have been considered OK to print such a headline during any previous administration saying that the president is ‘giving up’ on a segment of the population. Even if it may have been true, the very notion seems ridiculous.”
Blog.UrbanBohemian.com was stunned by Tuesday’s Washington Examiner headline “Obama Disses White Guys.”

» “I KNOW WHAT I THINK. I would be very depressed if I didn’t have chocolate. I’ll focus on studies showing that it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and I’ll visit my very favorite chocolate Web site. ”
Joanne Silberner at NPR.org/blogs/health reacts to a study that links increased chocolate consumption to symptoms of depression.

Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images