PHISH PHANS, START your engines — or whatever it is you start to get in the mood for a concert by the legendary jam band. The musicians may be in their 40s by now, and they are on the second leg of their careers, but Phish is now comin’ atcha bigger than ever with “Phish 3-D,” a concert experience in which the noodling rockers’ Festival 8 performance of last October hits the silver screen with a high-tech twist. Whether the average a”phish”ionado needs the hallucinatory enhancement is another matter altogether.

» Various theaters; opens Fri.; see for theaters and showtimes.

Fun With ‘Misfortunates’
Young Gunther Strobbe is not having a good life. The 13-year-old has to deal with the four grown men in his house — his father and three uncles — behaving like self-indulgent toddlers. Between the fighting, drinking and sloth, the household is untenable. “The Misfortunates” — Belgium’s entry for the Oscars in the category of foreign language film — is about the wily teen’s search for a way out. Felix van Groeningen’s third film is a wacky comedy of family, childhood and finding inner strength.

» Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW; opens Fri.; 202-966-6000. (Friendship Heights)

Photo by Kyle Gustafson/The Washington Post