The American Idol top five courtesy Fox

SIOBHAN MAGNUS has left the building, but was it her time to go? And how did her fellow Idolites fare on a week that feted Shania Twain?

For analysis, we turn to our Idols on “Idol” team. Our crew, as always: season seven top 10-er Chikezie, season eight alum Jackie Tohn and Rickey Yaneza, blogger at

» Chikezie: Ok, so this week was different… Whodda thunk it? These kids turned it around this week. I’m a fan now. Even Aaron!

» Jackie: It’s that time again. “Idol” is back this week tackling Shania Twain. And what would the middle of the week be without a new video mirroring the “Idol” theme? Powerfox and Ponymane know how hard you work and would like to give you a treat.

» Chikezie: You got too comfortable on top, a dangerous thing. Don’t lose your creativity now. You can still win/lose this competition.

» Jackie: Is he charisma-less or nervous? The major melody change made the first few lines of the song unrecognizable. I sometimes forget how produced the show is. “Still the One” is such a choice song and I’m sure a bunch of the contestants wanted to pick it and the producers ultimately choose who gets what song. I guess they like Lee. They gave him the key Shania song.

» Rickey: Lee Dewyze opened the show Shania’s most recognizable song of the evening with “You’re Still The One.” I thought he was sharp throughout, but as usual, they are going to fix that in the studio recording which is bound to be awesome. Go Dark Horse!

» Chikezie: Eh, it was OK.

» Jackie: He did a great job. That was beautiful. He is the R&B balladeer as Randy said.

» Rickey: Michael Lynche gave a heartfelt performance of “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” which Simon Cowell described as “wet.” He found it a bit too dramatic — although I felt that Big Mike actually pulled back a little bit from his usual affected style of singing.

» Chikezie: Well done. This is the CJ I love. Raw and emotional.

» Jackie: This was super pretty. Groundbreaking? Not so much.

» Rickey: Casey James changed things up just a little bit with “Don’t!” It was his most heartfelt performance so far, and all the judges loved it.

» Chikezie: A “just OK” performance combined with this need you had to explain or break down your reasoning left a bad taste in my mouth…

» Jackie: I dont have a strong head voice. So I don’t sing in my head voice. She doesn’t have a strong head voice and that doesn’t stop her. Couldn’t agree with Simon more: this was far and away her worst performance. And finally: Is it offensive when Kara says “I agree with the guys” when referring to Randy and Ellen?

» Rickey: Crystal Bowersox sang a “country version” of ‘No One Needs To Know” and all the judges were not wowed by it. Simon Cowell said “Shocker. We don’t like Crystal this week.” Shocker? Has he been reading lately? I thought that Crystal was performing with her unofficial touring band on stage.

» Chikezie: I know! I’m shocked too! He was right on the money for me. He’s become much better defined as a member of this season. Well done, son. You earned it.

» Jackie: He seems like such a nice little man.

» Rickey: Aaron Kelly sang the song for his mom! Awwww. Simon said it felt sincere and believable.

» Chikezie: The scream was controlled and musically made sense. I now grade Siobhan performances by scream placement. Good job.

» Jackie: Oy oy oy.

» Rickey: Siobhan Magnus brought out the big note again (finally) and nails it. Randy loved the punk country vibe that Siobhan brought to the stage. Punk country!

A few other reactions to Siobhan’s dismissal:

» David Archuleta, season seven runner-up: ”Sad to see Siobhan go, but excited to see what she’ll do in the future. She’s an awesome girl with a one-of-a-kind personality.„

» Ellen DeGeneres, judge: ”I don’t know — I thought she did great. … I don’t understand.„

» @Team Siobhan Twitter site: ”No way was Siobhan the bottom vote getter … And Ryan said ‘you’re going home,’ nothing else!„

Photo courtesy Fox