» “LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT. [Elisabeth] Hasselbeck thinks it’s wrong for [Erin] Andrews to wear revealing outfits … because some pervert secretly videotaped her naked while she was in a hotel room almost a year ago? Really?”
TV.Gawker.com did not agree with Hasslebeck’s logic for chastising Andrews’ costumes on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.”

» “HE USED THE FORCE to search for rebel bases and track his errant son. And now Darth Vader can help you locate the nearest interstate — if you’re willing to take a detour to the Dark Side first.”
Consumerist.com is amused that TomTom has rolled out its first “Star Wars” GPS voice module.

» “WE KNOW THAT Contessa Brewer was born to work at MSNBC. She’s perfect. She has loony liberal views combined with an inability to speak intelligently.”
FreedomEden.blogspot.com reacts to comments the news anchor made during a radio interview, in which she expressed disappointment that the alleged Times Square bomber was of Islamic descent, because she feared it could further fuel bigoted beliefs.

» “LIKE MOST OTHER Washington neighborhoods, the Hill has a bunch of blogs that cover bits and pieces of the news, but nothing [like] the Voice of the Hill. A gap has opened. What will fill it?”
Marc Fisher at Blog.WashingtonPost.com/Story-Lab laments the loss of the Capitol Hill newspaper, which folded Tuesday.

Photo by Adam Larkey/ABC