Stephen, 27, is an aerospace engineer. Heather, 26, is a congressional staffer and a writer. They live in Alexandria.

» The Main Event: On June 4, they’ll marry in Heather’s hometown church in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Their colors are grape, white and silver to celebrate their love of wine. Bartenders will serve a signature sangria at the reception.

» How They Met: Stephen had just moved from California to D.C., “and a mutual friend of ours suggested Heather give the new guy in town a tour of the Capitol and some of the sights.”

» First Date: Dinner at TenPenh.

» How He Proposed: When the cherry blossoms were nixed because of awful traffic, he proposed at home with her favorite cake and a bottle of champagne he’d been saving.

» Stupidest Fight: Five Guys versus In-N-Out Burger.

» Wedding Jitters: Because they’ll be taking photos outside, Heather worries “I’ll look like a lobster by the time the ceremony even begins. Bring on the SPF 80!”

» Mmm, Cake: “Being the overly technical engineer that I am, I created a CAD model of the cake so Heather and I could play around with different designs and visualize how they would look on the different tiers,” Stephen says. “Yes, it’s overkill, but it was fun.”

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman