» “MY GOD, [MARK] ZUCKERBERG is literally dissolving in a lake of his own sweat. He is visibly flushed, and you can see the beads of sweat rolling down his face. Could this be his Nixon moment?”
D8.allthingsd.com reacts while live-blogging about the D8: All Things Digital conference Wednesday night. The Facebook CEO had to remove his patented hoodie while being questioned about the site’s new privacy policy.

» “DIG OUT THOSE SWEET PLASTIC SWORDS you had when you were a wee li’l tyke, and sound off with your best ‘HOOOOO!’ Don’t BS us. We all did it.”
GeeksOfDoom.com is more than excited to hear that Warner Bros. will team with a Japanese animation studio to remake “Thundercats” for Cartoon Network.

» “HE HAS EVERY RIGHT to say what he wants, but why did Paul McCartney feel the need to announce — at a ceremony where he received the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize for Song — he was happy Bush was out of the White House? You, Sir Paul, demonstrated [you] can have zero class at times.”
RadioViceOnline.com was not impressed with the former Beatles frontman’s anti-George W. Bush comments Wednesday.

» “THE MEN STEPPING FORWARD to claim they had sex with Nikki Haley seem to be trying to diminish the woman’s distinct advantage of not being one of the bad old boys like the embarrassing trail-hiking Gov. Mark Sanford.”
GuerillaWomenTN.blogspot.com reacts to news For the second time in two weeks that GOP South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley has had to respond to sexual misconduct allegations.

Photo courtesy All Things Digital